Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun with grapes!

Most of the time a picture says a thousand words but in the case of chickens and grapes, a movie says a million words...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Down to 9

We sent some of our birds packing last weekend.  They are now happily living in a friend's barn.  Meanwhile back at our urban farm we have 9 chickens.  3 of them are 11 weeks old and 6 of them are 7 weeks old.  Everyone gets along great.  Most of them have found the very top shelf in the coop a wonderful and safe place to roost.  It's really high up and we keep wondering just how they are getting up there and how they are getting down.  The shelf is 6 - 6.5 ft high so I'm sure that its a long way down for a little chicken.  Hope no one gets hurt.

The weather has been a bit of a roller coaster.  Hot, chilly, hot chilly....but what are you going to do?  They spend a majority of their day out in the run and when we open the pop door in the morning it's like recess has let out.  They run out as fast as they can.  I like to think they are happy chickens.

Eating watermelon.

Here is our flock.
In no particular order, Amelia, George(ia)(ette), Penny, Patty, Buffy, Bonnie, Ruby, Rylee and Henrietta.
Only my daughter knows who is who.  We've had lots of friends and neighbors stopping by to see them and everyone seems really impressed and open to the idea.  We have yet to hear someone ask us if we are crazy.  I'm glad.  At first I was a bit nervous because our city doesn't have an ordinance for or against.  I like it when people come to see, I feel like I'm lending some education and awareness of urban chickens.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by!

Cool water helps them stay cool on a hot day.

Amelia sitting pretty.