Friday, February 10, 2012

The Birthday Gift

Yesterday was my birthday.  The girls must have known because for the first time in over a month they gave me 6 eggs.  I hope that means we are over the winter slump and production will continue to go up from here.  The 3 previous months they have been producing enough eggs to provide our family with eggs and sell them to co-workers and in turn buy feed with the egg money.  Self supportive.  I like that!  But this past month we had to fork over the feed money.  Even though we've had a mild winter I think that they've been using their energy to stay warm instead of making eggs.  It's all good, they need to rest.  

Then this morning....I found Georgia in a nesting box and under her I found this beautiful green egg!

It's been so long since we've had a green egg.  I'm thinking it was before Christmas.  The Easter Egger's really don't like winter at all.  They haven't been laying and they are the first ones on the roost the minute the sun hits the horizon.

Speaking of mild winter...I don't ever remember a birthday without lots of sparkly snow on the ground.  This is what it looked like yesterday.  I've never been able to walk through the woods on my birthday, in running shoes!

This is why I took that walk...
Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!
Today is a new day and it's snowing!  Winter has returned.

Hopefully the eggs don't disappear again...