Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Happy Easter

The older chicks were outgrowing the brooder tank in the basement and needed to be moved to the coop.  Friday we finished painting the interior. Saturday afternoon we filled up the feeder and waterer and hung the heat lamp.  We are getting wood shavings for free from a carpenter friend as bedding so we spread them on the floor.  Then we gathered up the chicks and moved them out.  They huddled for a moment and then the fun began.  Running around and chasing each other and trying to show each other who's boss. They are so much happier with room to run around and roosting rails to jump up onto.  Even the Cornish Rocks are moving around more although their favorite thing to do is to still lay there and eat.  Poor things are too big to roost.  The nights are still chilly and, well the day is also for this time of year.  As I write it's 44 degrees out and our high today was about 58.  The coop is WELL insulated and with the heat lamp alone the tempurature in the coop only dips to about 58.  It is warmer under the lamp so they are fine and will self regulate their comfort zone.

Sunshine through the window.


 Amelia (but we're thinking maybe this is the rooster?)

Henrietta (she's the friendliest of the bunch and we are hoping she's a hen)

 Frankfurt, our HUGE Cornish Rock...4 more weeks....yum.  I only wish the kids didn't like to name them.


Then it was time to move the new baby chicks out of the small rubbermaid brooder into the big tank.  They also needed more space and are loving it.  I've added a mirror and a couple rocks to make things even more fun.  They are so much fun and I've picked out a few favorites already.
More room to run!

 Sadly, we lost one more chick yesterday and are down to 10.  Less to give away, yes, but still sad and a mystery.  The first 5 weren't thriving from the start but this last one we can't figure out. I don't think its anything that we are, or aren't doing.  Although we've learned a lesson in picking a hatchery that is closer to home next time.  A 3 day shipping adventure is too long.  So far these 10 are active and alert and lots of fun to watch as they run around and chase each other and look at themselves in the mirror.

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