Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ready for chickens!!

The run was finished yesterday to the point that it was chicken ready.  It needs more roof panels and other little tweaks.  We let the chickens into it and there really was no hesitation by them.  They were ready!  The plank to get up and in is not complete yet.  Right now it's more like a chicken slide but they did ok. (they now have a new ramp with old quarter-rounds nailed to it for, just don't have a picture yet).    The Amerucaunas really enjoyed the space and even Bubbles, one of the Cornish Rocks enjoyed a bit of time outside.  We did have to pick her up to put her back in the coop.  Today she was content to just sit by the door and didn't go out.  The other 2 Cornish's don't seem to want to venture too far away from the food and water.  Tonight is the first night they are sleeping without the heat lamp on.  That's right it's actually mild enough overnight that they won't need it.

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