Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~The waiting is the hardest part~

Sing it with me!  Our chickens are now 21 weeks and 17 weeks old and we still have NO eggs!  I broke down today and bought eggs at the store to make this Zucchini Pie because I have far too many zucchinis, and cukes and tomatoes and peppers....the list goes on as it does always this time of year.

These will be the last store bought eggs I buy (I hope)!
I can tell we are getting closer to actually having homegrown eggs because our Easter Egger Amelia and Patty our Barred Plymouth Rock are both squatting. Which is basically a submissive pose meant for the rooster letting him know that she is "ready for action".  However, they don't need the rooster to lay eggs.  We will have unfertilized eggs and by my calculations once everyone gets going we will have about 3 dozen a week. They squat when we go to pet them on their backs.  The other chickens just seem to run away like we are bothering them.

Amelia at 21 weeks

Patty at 17 weeks

The rest in the group are getting bigger and everyone has been enjoying our nearly perfect weather.  70's during the day and 50's at night.  We've been hearing more chattering and clucking from the run and sometimes it makes me cringe that they might be disturbing the neighbors.  But I still think dogs are noisier.  They've been getting lots of scraps from the garden and enjoying dust baths and preening, especially Henrietta.  Her and our Buff Orpingtons, Buffy and Bonnie continue to be our most friendly chickens.  The Rhode Island Reds tend to go off and hide in the coop when I go out to visit.  Maybe they just don't like my camera.

Henrietta pretending to be a turkey
Bonnie and Buffy looking on from their perch
Next blog will be about the first egg!

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