Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you see what's wrong with this picture???

Here is a hint...

Here is another hint....

That right!  It's January 10th and the temperature nearly hit 50 degrees and the window in the coop is open and the warm sun is streaming in!!!!  
I know lots of people LOVE this but I'm feeling like Old Man Winter is cheating on me.  I like winter.  My birthday is in winter.  I grew up making snowmen, snow forts, snowballs, ice skating, sledding and skiing.  There was never a shortage of things to do in winter.  I love the sound and feel of snow crunching under my feet.  I love the feeling of being trapped inside while a snowstorm blows outside.  I love being toasty warm under a blanket with a crackling fire in the fireplace.  I love the way the sun shines on fresh snow and makes it look like a field of sparkly diamonds. I love how trees look with their shroud of snow.  Today is the last day of this crazy weather and then I get my winter back.  We are under a Winter Storm Watch and by this time tomorrow there will be snow on the ground.  I'm excited.

Meanwhile out in the coop I'm sure the girls are also loving this but I also think that boredom is setting in.  So I bought a couple new "toys" one of which I introduced this morning.  It's a simple wire basket ball that hangs and can be stuffed with "treats".  I stuffed it with red leaf lettuce and red cabbage.

They were not real sure what to make of this intruder in their space.

Patty didn't hesitate too long and was rewarded with a chunk of red cabbage.

I also captured a video because that is worth a million words.

Next week I'll introduce a rolly treat ball that they can push around and treat will fall into it.
Happy Winter!


  1. Love the swearing and cursing and confusion in that video! Those are some voluptuously well-cared-for ladies. And they deserve every bit. :)

  2. voluptuous... I love that word. Thank you Lauren. :)