Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We still are working at introducing our new/old chicken.  We've named her Bunny.  She is a very sweet  chicken and loves being near me or on me.


 I am happy to report that despite being inside a barn stall all her life and not having the freedom to go outside in the sun or dirt that she has learned to go outside during the day and inside at dusk.  I've even caught her spending time alone in the run after all the others had gone to bed, giving herself a dust bath.  

She is also enjoying fresh grass and dandelions along with all the other fresh treats that come from the kitchen.  We are pretty sure she didn't get that at her old home.  She has been laying eggs on a regular basis so I'm sure she's not too stressed out.  The Blue Kote is working to heal her wound and the others haven't pecked at her neck for about a week now.

However she still is not part of the flock and maybe she'll never be totally accepted.  We've now determined that Patty is the leader of the pack.  We've never been able to determine the pecking order.  I think because they were raised together since chicks that it's very subtle.  When she is spotted on the floor in the coop Patty, Ruby or Amelia will go after her and land a hard peck on her back.



 She usually scurries into the cat carrier or goes up onto the roosting pole.  She tends to stay up high in the coop while the others are outside in the run.  She's been sleeping alone on top of the nesting boxes.  I've watched as she sits over there opposite from the others and sometimes it looks like she's mustering up the courage to jump over there and join them.  Maybe some day she will.  She does get alone time inside the coop twice a day to eat and drink.   If she is out in the run she is usually perched up on the roost.    We've put a waterer up there for her and place treats on the ledge when it's treat time. 

She still looks pretty scruffy, especially next to Bonnie.

 We even take her outside of the run and give her a few minutes in the grass.  

Which has prompted us to start a new project!
It will give us the opportunity to give the chickens a chance to be on the grass, eating the grass and bugs and give them a change of scenery.  It will also be a neutral place to help integrate Bunny into the flock.  Watch for upcoming posts.  Meanwhile picture it here...

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  1. I love it that you named all of your girls......people laugh when they hear I have named my ladies