Friday, September 2, 2011

I am the Eggwoman...

I am the goo g'joob

I think its safe to say that all 3 of our Easter Eggers are now laying eggs.  We've been getting 2 every day for the past 4 days.  Amelia is now laying consistenly every morning and either Henrietta or George gives us another one in the afternoon.  In about a week all 3 will be laying consistently.  In the meantime we are waiting for the other girls to start laying.  The Buff Orpingtons aren't giving us any signals that they will be laying soon.  They only like to practice the egg song.  It can be rather annoying, but it doesn't last long and a handful of corn or oats distracts them and they quiet down.  I've read that they are slow to mature but once they start to lay they will be very good egg layers.  The Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks are showing signs of maturity and are squatting.  Especially when I'm out there.  They all gather around me and when I pet them they sqaut and then shake themselves when I'm done.  I've become the rooster and they are being submissive to me.  In a way it's a little creepy but I just tell them they are good girls and remind them that I want eggs.  The Reds have been more and more friendly and don't go and hide from the camera anymore.  Now it'll be a guessing game at which one will lay the first brown egg.  It will be impossible to tell what eggs are coming from what chicken but so far they have all been VERY tasty.



Everyone likes to explore the nesting boxes since we've made them more cozy with a nice blanket of straw.  With the aid of a golf ball, egg shaped rock and a plastic Easter egg they are learning to use them quite nicely.  We've only found 2 eggs outside of the boxes.

In the meantime we keep trying new treats.  They LOVE plain yogurt.  It gets messy tho so I put down the bowl and move away quickly.

Buffy taking a breather from the yogurt.
And weeds from the yard and garden make a nice green salad.

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