Sunday, September 11, 2011

Noisy Chickens

We've got really noisy chickens this morning.  Here's hoping for lots of eggs today.  To my neighbors...I'm sorry.  At least they are quiet at night....

All the nesting boxes are full.

And Georgia and Amelia are even sharing nicely.

We have gotten a couple brown eggs and I believe they are coming from our Rhode Island Red Riley.


  1. They are such beautiful creatures, but it is true they are extremely noisey! My neighbors across the street have six and I am glad they are across the street. If I lived next door I think it would be a little too close.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jacqueline. The noise on this morning didn't last very long. Our coop and run aren't located near anyone's house, just the garages and alley. We built the coop inside our back garage and insulated it mainly for warmth in winter but it also buffers any noise, especially with the window closed. I really don't think they make more noise than a dog or 2. I'm surrounded by dogs on all sides and I can understand how it might bother others nearby but we haven't had any complaints yet and we talk to our neighbors on a regular basis.